skins: All about them

If you never played game or you want to improve, go here to read my ultimate tutorial, with which you will be able to get in to leadeboard every single time you press play button.

First of all a lot of people wonder:

How to get skins:

It is quite simple, go to game page – link here.


First you need to login, because if play as a guest you can earn coins and if you don’t have coins, you can’t buy skins.

( Only expection to this rule is, if you play on your android phone or iphone device, you will have your own account, but you won’t receive bonuses + you will be able to play only on that device with this account, but if you register you can play on your account on all devices you can think of )

Nowadays you can login / register on via facebook or google ( it is quite new function i beleive this update is from 24th of November 2015), before this update you can log only via facebook and that made a lot of people unregistered, since they alraedy disabled their facebook accounts because of new privacy policy, so there is lately a lot new unskilled players, which is great, we can fish (=.

Secondly you need to go to shop or just click on skins:

Video tutorial:

And lastly just choose your favorite one or one you can actaully afford, if you don’t know how to earn coins or get extra coins for free, just read my ULTIMATE GAME TUTORIAL.

What are skins for?

Most of them are basicly useless. The only one, which is really good is SPY. Only thing that skins might help you with is, that you can categorize other players and maybe avoid some, if they have some of the pricey, elite or maybe the spy one. And vice versa, some people might avoid you, if you have one of those, because you have a lot of expirience, because you had to earn so many coins, the spy cost almost 10 thousands coins.

Yes, you can purchase coins via pyapal or credit card, but even if you do that, you probably did it because you play really often. So even then, the player with SPY or somethink pricy, they probably have more skill than players who don’t have it. Because i don’t know many people who just throw money out of the window if they don’t use it.

+ Those players who bought coins, usually have some left and they have some boost like expirience or size boost maybe the two times boost or maybe even the tripple boost, so that is why it is good practice to keep in mind how many each skin cost or atleast categorize them! skins types:

  • Basic
  • Cheap ( begginer ones )
  • Moderate price ( advanced player ones)
  • Pricy ( skilled player ones)
  • Elite skins
  • The usesfull one

First type:

This is the basic one, every one can have it, once you press play. Your cell color will be randomly generated, you will get one of those: Yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, red, yellow, purple and pink. These are very random, a lot of good players have them and even people who have sh*t ton of coins, so they might have boosts enabled or they are just pure newbie.

Second type are cheap skins:

These are in price range of 250 – 990 coins. These are amongly used by begginer players, to afford the cheapest one, you only need to be at level 4, which you can acheive in matter of few minutes, if you’re playing on a desktop, it might take you to get at last place of leaderboard and you could buy one. So if you see any player with one of those: Venus, Mercury, Banana, Birdie, Apple, Tiger, Cookie, Jupiter, Halo or Neptune. Don’t be scared of him, he has probably just low level and with that low game expirience, so chances are you’re better player than him. He also doesn’t have much coins either, so you don’t have to be scared that he has some of the boosts.

Third type:

These are in price range of 1190 to 2950 coins. These are kind of moderate price ones. You can buy this much coins for 1.99 $ i beleive or you can earn it lets say in a week or two. Or if you read my ultimate tutorial, you might earn it for free in less than an hour. Usually the players with one of these:Black hole, Uranus, Star ball, target, galaxy, breakfast,Starun, Pluto, Hot dog, Heart, Mouse, Wolf, Goldfish, Piggie, Blueberry, Bomb, Bowling, Candy, Frog, Hamburger, Nose, Seal, Panda, Pizza Snowman, Sun, Baseballor Baskettball are usually good players or they atleast know what they are doing.

Fourth, the pricy skins

These are in price range of 3150 coins up to 4950. If you’re new to the game i would suggest you if you see anyone with: Bug, Cloud, Moo, Tomato, Mushroom, Donuts, Terrible, Ghost, Apple Face, Turtle, Brofist, Puppy, Footprint, Pineapple, Zebra, Toon, Octopus or Radar skin, just get away from them, these players had to buy atleast 5-10$ worht of coins, maybe even more or they have to be playing this game for month or even months. And there are good posibilities, that they had some coins left and they’re using game boosters,

The fifth type:

These skins have usually elite players, the cheapest one is 5250 and the priciest one Scarecrow costs 9850 coins. So if you see or meet some player with: Army, Cat, Nuclear, Toxic, Dog, Sad, Facepalm, Luchador, Zombie, Bite, Crazy, Hockey, Brain, Evil, Pirate, Evil eye, Halloween, Monster or Scarecrow. Just go fast away from them, to have one of these you have to play this game for several months or spend atleast 19.99 $ on coins and if they did this, they had atleast 6 thousand coins extra to buy game boosters, even the tripple ones for 24 hours several times.

The only usesfull one:

If you wonder which skins are usesfull, well only one of them is good and that is the SPY skin. It cost 9999 coins. Some players might not see you, because you look like the background of the map, specially players who are playing for several hours. I even saw videos, which were selling a “cheat” and in their proof video they used only the Spy look.

Buy skins now, if you like them, let me explain

If you like some of those i mentioned just above, go ahead and buy them now. Because right below this i will post skins, which were originally in the game, but you can’t buy them no more, but if you bought them in a past, you can still use them + if you meet or see someone with those skins, get away from then as soon as possible, because they have been playing this game most probably since the realease!

Old skins:

With people photos, like: Donald trump, British queen, palin, Fidel Castro, Hillary Clinton, Berlusconi, Blatter, Boris, George Bush Cameron, Chavez, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Stalin, Chaplin, Merkel, Kim Jong-un, Hollande, Dilma, Putin and Tsipras. skins with image of following countries flags: Argentina,Bangladesh,Botswanna,Cambodia,China,Austraia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Crotaion, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary,Indonesia, Ireland, Finland, Greece, India, Iran, Isis, France, Hong kong, Indiana, Iraq, Italy, Jamaica, Japan Kc, Latvia, lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldivas, Matriarchy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, POland, Romania, Somalia, Sweden, Texas, Portugal, russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, Quebec, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Usa, Cuba, venezuela, United Kingdom or ukraine skin, they look like this:

Following skins are popular memes: Doge, Wojak, Yaranaika, Picolo, Pokerface, Sir, Sanik and Alien.

Brand logo ones like: 9gag, reddit, cia,, 4chan, 8ch,facepunch,facebook, tumblr, stussy, steam, prodota,ea, origin, vinesauce, receita federal, irs and nasa, these look like this:

Last of old skins are these signs: Confederate, ussr logo, german empie, kc, european union, qing dynasty, qeebec, prussia, japan imperial, tsarist russia, sealand, byzantium, french kingdom, satanist, matriarcjy, patriarchy,feminism, bowling boil 8, bait, satanist, nazi and french kingdom symbol. This is how the look:

Downsides of using skins

There are only two downsides of using them, with some of them, you’re not able to use your nick name, i don’t have list of those but i know for sure, that this happends for example with 9GAG one. If you expirience this problem, please comment down below and i will make a list from those for new players.

And the second downside is, that a lot of players will go away from you, because they’re going to be scared of your “skill” because usually it takes a lot of time to get enought coins to buy some.

Thanks for reading our new article, be sure to check out other stuff we have on our website, to improve your game and your skill. Post comment down below, which one is your favorite and your best score and on which platform you did it, because that makes a huge difference.


And lastly, if you read somewhere, that your “nick name” could be a cheat and if you type a “secret word” you will get one of these for free, that is a BS, stop googling it and don’t even think about buying list of those “cheat codes”. It is a pure scam, trust me.